Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Looking For Eric

Like Gran Torino, "Looking For Eric" is a political fable, though in this case its a socialist tale rather than a libertarian one.

"Eric" tells the tale of embattled Manchester postie (and United fan) Eric, suffering from depression and with 2 broken marriages behind him and 2 slightly troubled teenage boys to look after on his own.

Eric struggles to keep in control of his life when one of his sons gets into trouble with a local gangster, and finds refuge in a phantom Eric Cantona, who materialises out of thin air from time to time to offer him advice.

The film had a number of flashbacks back to highlights (and lowlights) of Cantona's soccer career which brought back pleasant memories of my first stint in the UK - and overall the tale of worker solidarity helping Eric to put his life back together and overcome his gangster problem was quite an uplifting one.